Vertical Window Blinds New Modern Look

Vertical window blinds will bring a modern look to any door or window in your home. They are a sleek and contemporary alternative to old-fashion drapes. California Window Fashion is your connection to the leading manufacturers of vertical blinds.
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Vertical window blinds for the Inland Empire – bring so much more to a home than light management. If you are looking for a sleek design to accent your room’s decor, vertical blinds are a great window fashion option. This vertical style completes the look for windows and doors which are wider than they are tall.

Look at their functionality. The vanes will stack to the left or right side according to your room’s needs. Slide them all to one side, and the view out of the window or door glass will be unobstructed. Leave the vanes spread across and you will have multiple choices for privacy or lighting selections.

Vertical window blinds will fit just about any window or door shape. They will create an illusion of height for a room. These window coverings are a great accented look to any small room. Coordinate the vertical blinds with present colors schemes found within the room or create a new look for the window area. The selections of shades and textures will bring window fashion into any home. Need vertical window blinds Murrieta, Temecula Wildomar, or La Cresta California Window Fashion has the value your looking for.

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The Benefits Of Window Blinds

  • These blinds provide easy light control. Rotate the vanes to your desired lighting position. Slide them all to one side for a full view or have them across and fully overlapped for complete privacy and darkening effect. Rotate the vanes to bring in the however much light you need or want.
  • Closed vertical window blinds will help with insulating the room from the summer heat and winter chill and can save on energy costs.
  • These window coverings provide easy cleaning and prevent dust build up with their vertical position. Gravity will lend a helping hand when it comes to dusting the vertical vanes.
  • Vertical blinds give a contemporary look to a room. Replace the drapes for the sleeker more modern look.
  • There are numerous colors, patterns, textures and styles to choose from. You will get the look you want at an affordable price.
California Window Fashion will bring the vertical blind showroom to your home. Select the color scheme and style to accent your room’s decor right from home. We can custom order window coverings to fit almost any door or window. Vertical blinds Inland Empire – providing service since 1999.


Make your selection the focal point of a smaller room or accent the room’s present style with custom window coverings for a larger window or door. Your options will seem limitless; from lower priced vinyl to higher end fabrics. Design the look to fit your personal style.

Call us for a free estimate on your vertical blinds. You will find that our offer will meet or beat the competition. This family owned operation works to the customer’s satisfaction as the number one priority and we will stand behind our installation service.