Window Treatments

Choosing The Right Window Treatments

Window Treatments Add Elegance and Beauty

Window treatments are one of the best ways to add patterns, color, and instant style to any living room. When looking to add a fresh, updated look to your space, turn to the latest trends to give your living room a new and fresh look.  Here are just a few ways to do that.

  • For a simplistic look and feel that is environmentally friendly, Honeycomb shades offer a clean and finished look while blocking UV rays and absorbing heat. These types of shades are great for a “less is more” look but ensure a modern polished look on any window. For those living rooms that don’t want to sacrifice a view, don’t worry; these shades block plenty of sunlight while preserving beauty. Not to mention, if you have brightly colored furniture that is at risk of fading, Honeycomb shades welcome the hues of the sun without sacrificing those in your furniture.


  • Add elegance and beauty to your living room by dressing up its windows with Roman shades. With more options than ever before, creating a perfect blend of style, practicality, and versatility can be found with these types of shades. Whether you’re looking for a contemporary or bold and dramatic look, Roman shades are considered casual but can be used to dress up your living room windows and give your room decor a boost. Select a pattern, color scheme or textural look to accent your home’s decor and make a big impression without having to have a big budget.


  • “Cornice”, the Italian word for ledge, is where these horizontal decorative molding fixtures get their name. Designed to give a ledge appearance to your interior windows or doors for added style, cornices have many functions aside from bringing a classic look to your living room. A cornice can hide the headrail of any other window treatments,  cover any imperfections to the wall around the top area of the window, bring a classical architectural look into your home, and even create an image that the window is larger than its actual size.  What a large change these small fixtures can bring to any living room.
Changing or adding window treatments in your living room can be a minimal and cost effective way to give a new look and feel not only to the windows and room itself but to the whole house as well. Keep in mind the following things before you commit to one particular look, feel, or price.
  • Pick current colors to avoid having an outdated look.
  • Try some texture like rattan, bamboo or other natural fibers.
  • Soften direct light to add ambiance to your room.
  • Add some curves if you want to open up space in a smaller room.
  • Keep things to a minimum if you don’t want to feel crowded or cluttered while enjoying your living room space.

Choosing the right window treatments for your living room is a big deal. CaliforniaWindowFashion wants to help you make a decision you feel good about which is why we offer free in-home estimates as the first step start to our impeccable customer service specialties. Your home is your investment and we take that into consideration for each customer; from estimate to installation.

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